In challenge prizes Youtube Videos 2022, MrBeast gave away more than $3 million, including a jet and a private island.

  • Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, had 15 videos on his channel in 2022.
  • He gave away at least $3.2 million in cash as a result of his crazy and frenetic challenges.
  • Donaldson said that one of the participants won a jet that cost $2.5 million and a private island.

A contestant wanted to go through an escape room in order to win $100,000.

An unnamed competitor trekked through multiple sets, including a room with spiked walls and a snake-infested jungle, in a quest to win $100,000 after Donaldson constructed the “world’s most dangerous escape room”.

Karl Jacobs and Chris Tyson were involved in helping the contestant.

In the end, the winning amount was $95,000, as the contestant agreed to give up $5,000 for a clue midway through the video.

They won $240,000 for their fans, for doing things like tightrope-walking and wimming with sharks.

Donaldson had a number of simultaneous challenges in his second video of the year.

Tyson recovered a backpack full of $100,000 floating in shark-infested waters, with the prize money going to a fan.

Arrack was offered $10,000 for every hour spent in a freezing room, with the prize.

Donaldson gave away $40,000 to one contestant for doing nothing, and $20,000 to another for tightrope-walking across a chasm between two 1,000-foot canyons.

Donaldson gave away over two hundred thousand dollars throughout the video.

A man spent 22 days living alone in a basement to buy a ring for his girlfriend.

Donaldson increased the prizes for his third video of the year, which saw a contestant named Josh being challenged to live in a basement-esque “prison” for as long as possible, earning $10,000 for every day spent there.

Josh won a total of $340,000 thanks to some ancillary betting and a hidden $100,000 check at the end of his 22-day stay.

Josh proposed to his girlfriend at the end of the video after using $20,000 of his prize money to purchase an engagement ring.

MrBeast’s take on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ resulted in a $600,000 prize.

In one of Donaldson’s buzziest videos of the year, a parody of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” 10 contestants were given the chance to win the factory he’d constructed to host the challenge or cash in the property.

The last man standing at the end of a series of candy-themed challenges, which included a chocolate-eating contest, a bake-off, and a visit from Gordon Ramsey, was the YouTuber, who chose to take home a cash prize.

The women’s team won $500,000 in a battle of the sexes that lasted for days.

In a kind of battle of the sexes, Donaldson challenged 100 men and 100 women to remain in an enclosure for 100 hours, with the winning team taking home $500,000, or $5,000 for each team member.

In addition to the $500,000, Donaldson also gave away two Nissan sedans, a box of Reese’s Puffs cereal, and tens of thousands of dollars.

Subscribers of the channel had a chance to win a private island.

On July 28, the MrBeast YouTube channel passed the 100 million subscribers mark and celebrated the achievement by giving 100 subscribers the chance to win a private island in a video posted on August 4..

The final 10 players were told to choose a plank that was above the water, five of which gave way and dropped them below, leaving five to compete in the last event.

A race was held to find the MrBeast 100 million subscriber play button covered in the sand and earn one lucky winner the island.

Donaldson and his crew hunted 100 people who hid in a mall in order to win a cash prize.

Donaldson gave 100 subscribers $10,000 each in a silver briefcase and asked them to hide in one of the largest malls in the world for 10 hours.

They were told they could keep the money after the time was up.

A group of people in security uniforms joined the search and were offered a $60,000 bounty for the people they found.

He said he’d buy a boat for their mothers if they helped find people, and brought on a group of people to help him.

By the end of the video, 23 people were hidden and a combined $230,000 was given to the winners.

Donaldson gave away at least $365,000 in this video which was viewed 66 million times.

A subscriber was challenged to live in a red circle for 100 days and win a half a million dollars.

Donaldson offered a check for $100,000 on the 50th day of the challenge, and on the 92nd day he offered a check for $1 million.

The contestant won $500,000 after being watched by over 101 million viewers.

Donaldson gave the cruise ship crew members an hour to win.

Donaldson and his crew are staying in a variety of increasingly expensive hotel rooms around the world in a video that was posted on October 22. A $ 1-a-night mat and a 150,000-a-night hotel were included in the package.

Donaldson said he rented a cruise ship for one hour, hid $100,000 in cheques around the ship, and gave the crew an hour to find the money.

$40,000 was the total amount they received.

YouTubers  competed in an endurance challenge.

A group of 11 YouTubers were told in a video posted on November 12 that the last to keep their hand on a $2.5 million jet would win it.

They weren’t allowed to push someone to lose contact with the jet.

The line-up included LazarBeam, who has over 20.3 million subscribers.

Chunkz gave up his position in exchange for Donaldson’s card, which he said would “probably stop after 10 grand.”

WroeToShaw won the challenge and the jet after 18 hours.

Kids and adults went head to head in a competition for money.

On December 3, Donaldson shared a video that showed 100 kids and 100 adults in two separate cubes, and told them that whichever building had the most people remaining after 100 hours would win the grand prize of $500,000, which would be split between the remaining players.

One hour into the challenge, Donaldson told the contestants he would give them $1,000 if they left within 60 seconds and 22 people took him up on the offer.

Two people were tricked into leaving as a briefcase with $1 stuck out was left by the door, but it turned out to be empty when opened.

The adults won the task and were given half a million dollars to share between the remaining 49 people, after one adult accidentally crossed the line with one hour remaining in the challenge.

This brought the total amount of money given away to over half a million dollars.

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