Do a quick survey and see which foods people love. You might get different results from different people, but there are a lot of similarities when it comes to America’s

Everyone knows that pizza, burgers, and fries are huge sellers in both fast food and traditional restaurants.

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The country’s top food picks in 2022 will vary depending on which city you live in, but we turned to GrubHub to see what Americans were craving in 2022.


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Miso soup is a staple in Japanese take-out orders. It’s a perfect winter meal.

Miso soup


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Miso is made of fermented soybeans, while edamame is made of young soybeans that have been harvested before they ripen.



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Garlic naan gets covered with ghee and toasted in a tandoori oven or on a cast-iron skillet, then sliced and served

Garlic naan


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Mozella sticks  are thought to have originated in Wisconsin in the 1970s. Of course, there’s no doubt about it that Wisconsin knows its cheese.

Mozzarella sticks


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In recent years, not only did the country change its name from Siam to Thailand, but it also became the first. America’s national dish is now an American favorite.

Pad thai


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People in Belgium eat much more than people in the United States. They eat around 165 pounds per year.

French fries


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Americans love experimenting with toppings on pizza. We’re crazy about pepperoni, sausage, pineapple and even anchovies, but nothing beats a plain cheese pie.

Cheese pizza


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One of the best potato dishes is fried hash browns, made with grated potatoes. They’re crispy on the outside, and soft in the middle.

Hash browns


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A hamburger sandwich is the second favorite food in America, right after pizza. In a survey done by National Today, Americans say that American cheese is the most popular cheese for topping a burger

Cheese burger


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The debate about whether a burrito or burrito bowl is better is still ongoing. Some fans claim that burrito bowls have more food than a burrito. It’s the year of the bowl.

Burrito bowl


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