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When MrBeast asks if he can become the CEO of Twitter, Musk replies.

When MrBeast asks if he can become the CEO of Twitter, Musk replies.

MrBeast, the most subscribed person on the internet, has been going after Musk.

MrBeast wants to know if he can be the CEO of the microblogging platform after Musk called out his changed promotion policy on social media.

Elon Musk tweets after CEO poll  “I will resign as CEO as soon as I find…”

While it is unclear whether MrBeast was serious about the question, Musk has given him the green signal.

If Jimmy takes over as the new boss, HasanAbi said it could be a good move for Twitter.

This could be a reference to policy changes Musk has been making.

They didn’t fare well with the users.

Why does MrBeast want to be thO of Twitter?

Jimmy has been very dissatisfied with the way Musk has handled his social media accounts.

Jimmy was not happy with the policy change that prevented cross- platform promotion.

He pointed out to Musk that he might have to step down from the CEO post if he keeps making unnecessary changes to the platform.

This isn’t the first time that MrBeast has expressed his willingness to become the head at the micro-blogging site.

He said during a previous exchange that he wanted to have his own account on the social networking site.

Why are people upset with Elon Musk?

Since he joined the platform, people have been extremely unhappy with Musk’s changes.

Musk fired thousands of employees after his $44 billion acquisition of the micro-messaging service.

There are new features that he is testing that could be a part of the dream that the head of both companies has been carrying.

After Musk’s poll showed that 57 percent of the people wanted him to step down, MrBeast started asking to become the CEO.

He said that he would resign as CEO as soon as he found someone foolish enough to take the job.

I will take care of the software and server teams after that.

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