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America’s best cities for a quickie vacay.

Americans are officially fans of the “quickie.” According to Hotwire’s third annual “America’s Best Cities for a Quickie” survey, more travelers than ever are leaning into quick vacations, eschewing the risks and unknowns of international travel.

A report from Hotwire, which defines a “quickie” as a two- or three-night getaway, usually at the last minute, found that quick domestic trips with a touch of luxury are in high demand this year.

More than half of all travelers want to make up for lost time, save money, and spend where necessary.

Those with the most four- and five-star hotels, upgraded amenities, and experiences can still offer amazing savings to be used for additional experiences and activities, said.

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they would use the money saved on a trip to improve their experience.

Upgrading to a luxury room, enjoying an expensive meal, and spa treatments are included.

What cities made the final cut? Major metropolises, mid-sized must-sees, small-town favorites, and itty bitty cities are grouped into four categories based on size.

Major Metropolises Mid-Sized Must-SeesSmall Town FavoritesItty Bitty Cities
1. New York, NY1. Atlanta, GA1. Orlando, FL1. Savannah, GA
2. Chicago, IL2. Baltimore, MD2. Fort Lauderdale, FL2. Palm Springs, CA
3. Los Angeles, CA3. St. Louis, MO3. Reno, NV3. Newport Beach, CA
4. Philadelphia, PA4. Milwaukee, WI4. Richmond, VA4. Asheville, NC
5. Washington, D.C.5. Cincinnati, OH5. Salt Lake City, UT5. Costa Mesa, CA
6. Boston, MA6. New Orleans, LA6. Madison, WI6. Charleston, SC
7. Las Vegas, NV7. Miami, FL7. Buffalo, NY7. Ann Arbor, MI
8. Houston, TX8. Pittsburgh, PA8. Shreveport, LA8. Newport, RI
9. San Diego, CA9. Lexington, KY9. Tallahassee, FL9. St. Augustine, FL
10. Indianapolis, IN10. Cleveland, OH10. Knoxville, TN10. Atlantic City, NJ

It is no surprise to see popular destinations like New York, Atlanta, and Orlando at the top of the list. Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Richmond, and Charleston are notables.

Hotwire ranked their quickie cities based on drivability, but also leisure activities that include a number of restaurants, attractions, and even a low number of rainy days in a year.

The survey analyzed more than 350 cities based on value, leisure, and drivability with a maximum of 15 points allotted in each category.

According to Postier, this will continue to be popular with travelers.

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