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Privacy Policy is a completely independent site and has no direct association with any of the manufacturers or companies we cover. We don’t accept payment for coverage, and our opinion and analysis are the product of our years of experience in reporting on the food, travel and news industry. This Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (“Privacy Policy”) explains how processes Personal information in relation to the Service This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites, apps, destinations, or other offerings that we do not own or control, even if they are linked to from the Service.


We don’t sell any equipment, and our writers maintain complete editorial independence from our advertising efforts. Under no circumstances do our writers benefit from advertising deals, positive coverage, or “hit pieces.”

Commenting and Frequently Asked Questions no longer allows anonymous commenting. Instead, we allow users to submit questions to us, which we then answer in a section at the end of each article. This allows our readers to avoid text that’s inflammatory, intended to mislead (fake news, astroturfing, and “fanboying”), offensive, hateful, useless, or spam related.

Review Units / Samples

We do not keep any products and devices, and often return them within a specific period of time. For the ones we are instructed to keep, we always give them away—in a random drawing, or to a worthy cause. Pursuant to our gifts policy, no writer is allowed to keep, sell, or gift products.

Our Commitment

We want you to be able to confidently make your next purchase So We will always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We live to serve you with the freshest and best content, hard-hitting editorials, videos, event coverage, recommendations, and much more.