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5 Popular French Foods in America

France has had a significant impact on American tastes.

French influence can be seen throughout cooking in America, whether it’s a wine and cheese party, a quick stop at the bakery, or a night out on the town.

1- Pastry and Baked Goods

The bakery is one of the best places to find French food in America.

The flaky butter croissants, which can be dressed up with chocolate or almonds, is one of the popular French offerings in American bakeries.

Petits fours are small cakes covered with fondant and are popular in America.

It’s a joke that means “small oven.”

2- Wine

Despite the growing popularity of wines from countries like Australia and South Africa, it seems that American wine lovers will always return to their favorite French wines.

French wines are so popular in the US that it’s almost impossible to find them without a little French.

3- Cheese

Americans can’t seem to get enough of France’s triple-creme cheeses, which are hard and soft.

They include a blue cheese made from sheep’s milk, Neufchtel, which is offered in a creamier version in the States than in France, Muenster, a strong, soft cheese, and Camembert and Brie, which are the most beloved of France’s.

4- Brunch

It would seem that American breakfast would not be possible without French cuisine.

The crpes have a wide range of topping options, from sweet, like fruit and chocolate, to salty ones filled with tomato and cheese. quiche is an egg-based open pie that can be vegetarian or baked with smokey meats like ham and bacon.

5- Gourmet Foods

American restaurant culture has been greatly influenced by the popularity of high cooking.

escargots, foie gras, pté de foie gras, and black truffles are popular French gourmet offerings.

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