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5 Styles of Chicago Pizza

Chicago pizza is more than just a meal.

When you visit Chicago, you will be able to get the scoop on five different Chicago pizza styles. We have a good reputation in the city.

We love our pizzas with a casserole look.

Chicago pizza is a varied landscape of different shapes and sizes and that doesn’t include the famous Pizza Puff which is a food group all of its own.

There are five main pizza styles in Chicago.

1- Deep Dish Pizza

When people hear Chicago-style pizza, they think of a deep dish.

The sauce is on the top. Sausage is on it, in Chicago style.

There is a debate over where and when deep-dish pizza was invented.

Depending on whom you ask, it may have been invented at Pizzeria Uno in 1943 by either of the two men mentioned.

They wanted to create a pizza that would make Italians feel at home but with a distinctly American twist.

History was created once they inverted the layers. Earlier ownership has been claimed by other pizzerias.

Chicago deep-dish pizza appeared in many versions over time, eventually evolving into the style that is now popular all over America.

2- Stuffed Pizza

You are already a Chicago-style pizza star if you called me out for including Giordano’s.

Traditional deep-dish pizza pies are not being served at Giordano’s.

There is a difference between a deep dish and a stuffed pizza, the deep dish has cheese, sauce, and a layer of crust, while the stuffed pizza has cheese, sauce, and a layer of crust.

stuffed pizza is usually deeper than a deep dish pizza and has more cheese.

Nancy’s and Giordano’s opened in 1974, the year that this pizza style burst onto the scene.

The creation of stuffed pizza is a mystery since the two pizzerias have the same origin stories.

Both companies claim to have been inspired by scarciedda, a type of Easter pie.

The pie’s true origins may be in southern Italian cities like Naples but, like many foods, its roots are unknown.

3- Pan Pizza

Pan-style pizza is basically just a pizza made in a deep pan and doesn’t have a lot of sauce on top.

The rest of the pizza is arranged in a way that makes it easier to eat. pan pizza’s history is not clear.

Some say it was invented by the Giordano family in Chicago, others say it was invented by Dan and Frank Carney in Kansas, and still others say it was invented by them.

Pequod’s is the best pan pizza in Chicago because the sauce on top stops the cheese from burning.

The pizzeria lines each baking pan with cheese before building their pizzas.

4- Tavern Pizza

I would like to introduce you to the tavern-style of pizza, which is also known as the party style.

Does this pizza have a hallmark? It is thin, cut into squares.

The tavern-style pies were popular in Chicago during the 1920s.

It was used to get people to buy booze.

Most taverns don’t have plates or napkins, so owners cut pizzas into squares so they fit.

It’s the perfect party pizza, you can get it in huge sizes, and everyone gets to pick their own pizza.

Sausage is the typical Chicago topping, but tavern pies are very versatile so you can go wild.

5- Pizza Pot Pie

The only place in Chicago that sells pizza pot pie is the Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. Albert H. is a human.

The pizza pot pie was invented in 1972 by a restaurant owner.

The Lincoln Park location of the pizzeria is across the street from the site of the 1929 St., so this pizza style is well-known in the city.

There was a massacre on Feb. 14th.

Pizza pot pies are made upside-down.

The dough is stretched over the top of the bowl of sauce and toppings.

The whole thing gets baked.

When it reaches your table, the server flips the bowl over onto a plate and releases the pizza, letting it flop down into a tasty mess.

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