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Glutinous Rice And Its Substitutes

What is Glutinous Rice?

It is a type of rice that is sticky and is also referred to as sweet rice.

The glutinous is classified as such because when cooked, the grains stick together.

This type was grown in several countries.

Unlike other types of long-grain or medium-grain rice, glutinous rice has a high amount of starch, which makes it sticky.

In Asia, sweet rice is prepared as a dessert.

Traditional dishes often use this type of rice.

It can be ground into flour to make soups.

It can be used in bread and pastries.

If left to cool off, the rice becomes hard.

It is usually served warm in order to make it soft again.

 4 Best Substitutes of Glutinous Rice

Many people don’t know that there are many different types of rice that can be used as an alternative if glutinous rice isn’t available.

The best replacements for this type of rice are listed below.

1 – White Rice

White rice is a good substitute for rice with lots of sugar.

White rice may be good for you, but it doesn’t have the sticky texture that sticky rice has.

This type of rice has less fiber than brown rice, which makes it easier to digest.

It is also light and fluffy when cooking.

There are different types of white rice, including long-grain, basmati, steamed, wild, jasmine, and Calrose.

It is important to cook white rice with the right amount of water.

People mistake adding too much for it to end up wet and mushy.

2 – Arborio Rice

If you want something sticky, arborio rice is another option.

It is known as risotto rice and is round in shape.

Risotto is an Italian dish of creamy rice.

The consistency of arborio rice is perfect if you are looking for it.

The best thing about this type of rice is that it can be used in a variety of ways.

You can use it to make risotto.

It is very easy to cook rice.

To cook it with gentle heat, use the correct amount of liquid.

3 – Jasmine Rice

It is possible to use jasmine rice as a substitute for glutinous rice.

You can get the same sticky texture from this type of rice as you would from using glutinous rice.

It can be used in Asian dishes.

Adding enough water to come out moist and with a sticky consistency is important when cooking jasmine.

When cooking this type of rice, make sure to use gentle heat because the grains will break if the heat is too strong.

It is easy to find jasmine rice in grocery stores and it is inexpensive.

You can either serve this type of rice as a side dish with your favorite meat entree or as a dessert.

4 – Sushi Rice

It’s a good substitute for glutinous rice.

This type of rice has high starch content.

In Japanese dishes, it’s used in sushi and maki rolls.

If you want to make your own sushi, use Japanese sushi rice.

You can use sushi rice in many Asian dishes like congee, stir-fries, and fried rice.

The best way to serve this type of rice is with meat or seafood with a sauce that you can mix with the rice.


The taste of glutinous rice makes it popular in Asia, making it a healthy alternative.

There are many types of rice that you can use as an alternative to the traditional glutinous option.

Even if you don’t have glutinous rice, your next Asian dish will still be delicious.

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