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Pie Weight And Its Substitutes

What is Pie Weight?

Pie weights keep your dough from puffing up when baking.

They have a circular base with metal or ceramic beads that can be used for pies.

Pie weights are used to make the perfect dough.

Don’t skip them, you should.

Pie beans or pie balls are usually made with metal beads encapsulated in a circular base.

When baked, they help weigh down the dough and prevent it from puffing up too much, so it’s perfectly crisp with no holes.

Pie weights can be used to make any pie.

Pie weights are the easiest way to make sure your pies don’t get messed up in the oven.

3 Best Substitutes of Pie Weight

When you don’t have enough pie weights to bake a pie, you can use plenty of replacements.

It’s best to use the real thing when possible, but here are 5 easy alternatives if pie weights aren’t around.

1 – Dried Beans

Various types of dried beans are great replacements for pie weights.

They have a bulky side which means that the dough won’t cause any holes.

Adding black-eyed peas or garden peas to your dough can be done.

Push them down using the back of something heavy.

You want to make sure that your dough is rolled out to the right thickness.

You can just use dried beans or coins.

You can use a heavy pot for cooking.

2 – Rice

Rice is an excellent alternative if pie weights are not present.

It will add flavor to your pies and keep the dough puffing up.

To use rice as pie weights, follow the same instructions you would with regular beans, add the rice into the center of your dough and then place something heavy on top to hold it down.

The advantage of using rice over beans is that it adds some flavor to pies.

3 – Coins

Coins are the perfect alternative when pie weights aren’t available.

They have a flat side, meaning that they won’t pierce or weigh it down.

You should use quarters, since you can use any type of coin.

If you want to use coins as pie weights, make sure your dough is the right thickness and place two or three-quarters inside.

Adding some dried beans or rice on top will add more weight.

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