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Woodstock in NY’s Catskill Mountains

Woodstock in NY's Catskill Mountains

The Big Concert took place in New York, 50 miles to the south of Woodstock, in 1969.

The 25th-anniversary reunion of Woodstock was held in Saugerties.

Woodstock took place over three hours away from this town.

The town of Woodstock, a leafy hamlet two hours’ drive from New York City, has been synonymous with music, creativity, and hedonism for nearly 50 years.

Where to Stay in Woodstock, NY

Woodstock has managed to keep out national hotel and retail chains because of its vigilance about retaining its small-town character and because locals object to defacing the landscape with relay towers.

The town doesn’t have a hotel of its own. Motels, bungalows, inns, and B&Bs are some of the things that it has.

It’s a must to make advance reservations since summer is high season here.

The town’s central Village Green is within walking distance of the first two of the following.

Shopping in Woodstock, NY

You can find gift and jewelry stores, places to eat, and shops on Tinker Street, where you can find obscure music, “healing” crystals, and other bohemian-lifestyle needs.

John’s bubble bath has tie-dyed clothing on it. There are several places where the owners’ taste level and the merchandise are outstanding:

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