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10 Popular Indian Curries to Try 

If you love Indian food, you’ll probably have tried some of the popular Indian curries.

You’re likely to find the taste quite different in India than in the west.

Want to learn more about Indian food? There is a guide to Indian food.

Each region has its own style of food.

Are you feeling adventurous? Do eat Indian style with your fingers.

1- Butter Chicken

butter chicken is a symbol of Indian food worldwide.

It can be found on the menu at most Indian restaurants.

A bright orange Punjabi dish can be spicy or mild and has a very thick gravy.

It’s also known as murgh makhani.

The butter chicken was brought to the world by three men from Peshwar, who fled to Delhi with their families after the 1947 Partition of India.

There is a restaurant in Old Delhi that has a traditional clay tandoor oven in the center.

The dish was so popular that it ended up being history.

2- Chicken Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka masala consists of pieces of chicken that have been grilled in a tandoor and then added to a creamy gravy.

There is a nice smokey flavor. It’s a word that means pieces or bits.

3- Goan Fish Curry

Fish curry, also called fish curry rice, is a staple dish in the state.

It’s one of the cheapest and most common dishes there.

The flavor is usually a sweet coconut base.

You can wash it down with a King’s beer at a beach shack in India.

4- Pork Vindaloo

vindaloo is a fiery curry that is sweet and sour.

It’s best avoided if you do not like spicy food.

It is possible to have any type of meat in it, even pork.

Vindaloo is from the Portuguese term “vin deal,” or garlic wine.

It was made with red wine and meant to be a stew of meat.

5- Channa (Chole) Masala

Channa masala is a vegetarian curry made from chickpeas and tomatoes.

It has a slightly sour taste.

It can be eaten as a main meal or as a snack.

It is a Delhi street food.

It’s eaten as the main meal with deep-fried north Indian bread.

6- Chicken Korma

A mildly spicy but rich north Indian curry features meat or vegetables marinated in a mixture of yogurt or cream and cooked in gravy with coconut milk.

It will be served sweet with the addition of sugar.

There are nine different types of vegetables in the dish.

7- Maacher Jhol

Mustard oil is the base ingredient in a light Bengali fish curry called maacher jhol.

It’s a simple dish that can be made from a variety of fish.

8- Chicken Chettinad

Are you hankering for a really spicy curry? The kitchens of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu in South India were where this aromatic and fiery curry originated.

The spices are ground together after being roasted with coconut.

It will wake you up and make you want to eat.

Family recipes have been passed down through the generations at The Bangala, which is the ultimate destination for authentic Chettinad cuisine.

9- Meen Moilee

Meen moilee is a must-try dish in Kerala and is perfect for people who are sensitive to spice.

The signature dish of central Ernakulam is coconut-based fish curry.

A variation of a Portuguese one-pot fish stew called caldeirada.

The curry is not the same as the other curry in the state.

Meen moilee is a specialty at the Fusion Bay restaurant if you’re in Fort Kochi.

10- Palak Paneer

If you’re a vegetarian, you’ll most likely see Palak paneer.

The classic north Indian curry has a thick gravy and cubes of cottage cheese in it.

It is one of the most popular ways to eat paneer.

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