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Celeriac And Its Substitutes

What’s Celeriac?

If you are a root vegetable fan, chances are you have had celeriac before.

The ugly duckling of the vegetable world has a unique flavor that makes it a favorite among chefs.

If you want to add some flavor to a soup or roast it as a side dish, then you should keep celeriac in your kitchen.

The taste of cayenne has a hint of nuttiness.

It has a similar texture but is not as strong.

You can grate it into salads for crunch or add it to soups, stew, and roasts.

A root vegetable that can be used in dishes is celeriac.

Adding it to soups and stew will give it a bit of flavor.

It is not easy to peel off the skin before cooking.

You will want to keep celeriac on hand because of its versatile texture.

 3 Best Substitutes of Celeriac

The five alternatives will give you the same flavor and texture when celeriac is unavailable.

1 – Turnips

The first thing on our list is vegetable.

It is a great substitute for celeriac in soups and stew.

Turnips are small, white potatoes with a slightly sweet and peppery flavor.

They’re low in calories and have a good source of fiber.

It has a sweet flavor and is very easy to add to dishes.

Pick small and firm turnips if you are going to choose them.

They won’t be as delicious if they are soft or have blemishes.

You can make a substitution of one-to-one for celeriac in any recipe.

If you want to add the turnip to your dish, you will need to peel and chop it.

2 – Parsnip

The second root vegetable we have is parsnip.

The vegetable is similar in appearance to a carrot, but it has a sweeter flavor.

Parsnips can be used in soups, stews, and roasted dishes.

Parsnips are a good source of vitamins and minerals When selecting a vegetable, look for firm ones and smooth skin.

If you need to chop them into smaller pieces, you don’t need to peel the parsnips.

Parsnips are a great substitute for celeriac in soups, stew, and other dishes.

They have a sweeter flavor, so you may have to adjust your seasonings accordingly.

3 – Jicama

If you are looking for a vegetable to replace celeriac, jicama may be the one for you.

The root vegetable has a slightly sweet flavor.

Jicama is often used in salads or as a snack, but it can be cooked in other ways.

It is important to choose a jicama that has no brown spots.

The jicama can be difficult to peel, so you need to make sure it is not too big.

The best way to peel jicama is by using a vegetable peeler.

You can cut the jicama into thin slices or pieces after you peel it.

If you want to cook jicama, you can boil it or steam it.

Jicama can also be added to soups.

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