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Plum Sauce And Its Substitutes

What is Plum Sauce?

Plum sauce is a sweet and sour sauce that is used in Chinese food.

plums, ginger, garlic, and peppers are some of the ingredients in it.

This sauce has a wonderful flavor that compliments the food in Asia.

Plum sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for many food items, such as rolls, dumplings, and fried chicken.

Adding plum sauce to a stir fry will make the dish taste better.

It is possible to use the plum sauce as a basting sauce or a glaze.

It is possible to use it for making marinades.

It is possible to add it to salad dressings.

 5 Best Substitutes of Plum Sauce

You can find plum sauce in supermarkets and Asian stores, but you may want something else.

Some of the best substitutes for plum sauce are listed here.

1 – Duck Sauce

This is the best substitute for plum sauce.

Sometimes apricot, pineapple, or peaches are used in place of plums in duck sauce.

In China, duck sauce was served with Peking duck.

The sweet bean sauce was called sweet bean sauce.

The modern version was created by Chinese immigrants in America.

Noodles, rice, and rolls are great with duck sauce.

That’s the only use for it. Plum sauce can be used to make duck sauce.

2 – Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki is a technique in Japanese cuisine in which you grill food with a glaze of soy sauce and sake.

Any dish prepared with sauce can be called Teriyaki.

There is a significant demand for Teriyaki dishes in Seattle, Washington.

Brown sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and honey are in the teriyaki sauce.

It will complement salads or meat.

It is possible to make it home in 10 minutes.

3 – Sweet and Sour Sauce

The name sweet and sour is given to this sauce, which is made by mixing honey or sugar with soy sauce.

You can find it at most stores and restaurants.

Making it fresh is the best thing to do.

It’s easy to make this sauce at home with different recipes.

This sauce can be replaced with the plum sauce in most cooking recipes.

If you need it, you can use the sauce as a dip.

It will be perfect if you make the sauce bigger.

4 – Hoisin Sauce

Cantonese cooking uses this sauce for a variety of dishes.

Many stores will have it, even though it is not as easy to find as other sauces.

There is a sauce called Hoisin sauce.

If you haven’t tried it before, give it a try at a restaurant.

It has a strong taste that some may not like.

There are notes of sweetness in the thick sauce.

The amount of hoisin sauce in the recipe may need to be reduced.

5 – Char Siu Sauce

Another sauce from Cantonese cuisine is last on the list.

The name char siu means barbecued pork that is often eaten with rice or noodles.

The name means “fork roasted,” which means how the meat is prepared.

You can use char siu for other recipes, even though it is sometimes called Chinese barbecue sauce.

It can be used on grilled vegetables, add to stir-fries, or used on rice.

It’s easy to make yourself, as there’s no cooking involved.


Asian cooking is about finding your own recipe.

In Asia, most families have their recipes passed down through the generations, which has made immigrants successful restaurant owners.

You’ll be able to discover your own style with the sauces listed here.

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